Paper Shredder – A4

  • Paper Shredder Size (length*width*height): 12cm x 14cm x 28cm
  • Can be used to cut paper strips for quilling up to 3mm
  • Easy to use, No electric needed.
  • Can feed up to 2pcs of 80gsm paper
  • Dimension after shredded: 3MM Strip style
  • Can shred paper like A5, A4 size and up to? 229mm width paper
  • Small ,Portable for office and school use.
  • To destroy office, family document and file
  • Large 2.3 Litre container to fit the shredded paper
  • To clean the machine, only use soft cloth with a little detergent and water
  • Do not insert card board, plastic, clippers, nails etc into the paper inlet
  • Keep finger , loose clothing, tie, hair, away from the paper inlet slot

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